How to find the answers within yourself: an exercise (because I’m not feeling other obvious ideas like meditation right now)

  • I’ve been unsubscribing from a lot of email, mail and other forms of distracting input.
  • I’ve made it harder for me to access the super distracting things like the news. Goodbye Google Feed.
  • Mute WhatsApp groups that are distracting
  • Social, just no. Luckily I’ve never been into social media very much and I have it all in a separate folder on my phone so it’s a bit annoying to get to. I kinda keep forgetting about it actually.
  • It’s a bit freeing.
  • People love “getting away” when they go on vacation. Do you really need to physically leave to get away from lots of the noise?
  • I’m feeling less guilty for things I’m not doing.
  • There’s privilege in this statement. We can’t always do what we want because we have obligations. But try and just do a small thing that makes you happy. I just watched a video on learning to Skateboard.
  • Feeling a bit reset. I may do more of this happy stuff depending on how I’m feeling.
  • Just trying to articulate the questions are helpful.
  • Talk through the ideas with people that care about you, if you can and need to.
  • Maybe, find a complete stranger that is willing to help but doesn’t have any relationship to the outcome. An innocent advisor.
  • Do the ol’ flip a coin trick to make a decision and see what your gut says. Apparently this is called Flipism.
  • Double check that you’re making choices with intention and gratitude. (I’m trying to help guide my 6 year old, remember)
  • Iterations work for me.
  • This is usually the last step in processes I’ve observed.
I almost always pick heads. Not sure why.



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Impromptu Dancing

Impromptu Dancing

Trying to convince myself I’m a writer. Pure joy: impromptu family dance parties.